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"International STEM and Educational Sciences Congress" that will be held at Mus Alparslan University, Turkey on 3-5 May 2018 aims to bring together academics, teachers, teacher candidates and individuals working in the fields of STEM. Thus, STEM education provides an approach involving individuals from not only the education faculty but also other faculties; in other words, individuals from all faculties including particularly the education faculty along with engineering, science and letters, and fine arts faculties can participate in this congress. Besides, we also intend to achieve the following objectives by means of the International STEM and Educational Sciences Congress:


1. Studies on STEM education seem to be based on misconceptions related to STEM itself. So, to guide academics, teachers and teacher candidates regarding these misconceptions.

2. To organize events that would guide academics, teachers and teacher candidates in integrating STEM education within the curriculum effectively, and comprehending its significance.


3. To produce a report on STEM education based on the panels, speeches and presentations delivered during the International STEM and Educational Sciences Congress.


4. To share the activities on STEM education at our university, and guide other universities in this respect.


5. To raise awareness with regard to the fact that STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach and cannot be limited to only the education faculty, and can succeed if individuals from all faculties work together.


6. To ensure interaction and collaboration between the Ministry of National Education and other organizations and institutions by organizing the first international congress on STEM in Turkey.